Why is Breath Control Import for Accent Reduction?

Why is Breath Control Important for Accent Reduction?

This is an excellent question. At first glance it wouldn’t appear to be the most obvious place to start learning to reduce a strong accent. The simple fact is that breath control is important for any vocal discipline. At Clearly Talking, nearly all our programs include at least one session on the importance of breath control.

It’s so important that we have a Seven Secrets program devoted to breath control on the Clearly Talking website. It’s called Seven Secrets for Good Breath Control. There is also a whole module on breath control in our Masterkeys public speaking course.

Learning new language skills is tricky. You have to get your mouth around a lot of difficult new shapes, new words, awkward phrases and all this can place a lot of stress on your delicate vocal cords. Learning good breath control will take the pressure off and make all of these things easier.

Good breath control helps with

  • Pronunciation
  • Stress and emphasis
  • Rhythm
  • Volume (helping others to hear you)
  • Vocal support

From a general point of view learning to manage your breath has huge health and wellbeing benefits, so it’s worthwhile anyway. For more details see Seven Secrets for Good Breath Control.