What to expect (Course Outline and Outcomes)

What to Expect

This is our introductory program to Accent Reduction. It’s based on the Clearly Talking, Seven Secrets series. You can download all the current titles There are nine units including this introduction, the seven secrets, a bonus secret and a certificate quiz. It is self-paced, there are no time limits, but we expect that you should be able to complete the whole course in a couple of hours. Each section has its own quiz which you will need to complete before you move onto the next section.

This program leads to our full Accent Reduction program, so if you find it useful, you may like to progress to that.

We welcome feedback. We take this seriously. The course you see in front of you today has benefited from the feedback of all those who have gone before you. At the end of this program we will ask you for your comments and recommendations.

The sections are:

  1. Introduction (What to Expect)
  2. Secret One: Take a Deep Breath (Breath Control)
  3. Secret Two: SERBs Learn Languages Well (Strategies for Learning)
  4. Secret Three: Phone a Friend (Get Help!)
  5. Secret Four: Jump in the Deep End (Immersion)
  6. Secret Five: Sounds Like … (Pronunciation Issues)
  7. Secret Six: Get the Rhythm (The Game-Changer)
  8. Secret Seven: Activate the Red Car Syndrome (Pattern Matching)
  9. Bonus Secret: Be Kind to Yourself