Why We have Included a Welcome to Country Statement on our Websites

I was born in England, but I identify as a member of a First Nation. My ancestors, on my father’s side were from the country the English call Wales. The Celts and their descendants the Welsh, the Cornish and other Celtic nations were the First Nations in Britain. We Welsh people were labeled as foreigners […]

Five Benefits of Accent Reduction for the International Business Professional

A strong and incomprehensible accent can be a major obstacle in business or professional life. Let’s face it, getting knocked back for a plum contract because of your accent, really sucks! 1 Be Memorable for the Right Reasons Being a trainer and having run the accent reduction course for over fifteen years, I prefer positive […]

Why is English Such a Pig?

… or is that a pork? Why is the English language such pig? It’s a mess of spellings, weird sounds, rhythms and so many grammatical exceptions it makes your head spin. Accent Reduction is tough enough without having to cope with the peculiarities of the spelling and grammar (or lack of). How can ‘bow’ and […]