Seven Secrets for Reducing Strong Accents

Congratulations on embarking on this accent reduction journey.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Chinese Proverb

We’ve been helping people with strong accents communicate effectively for over fifteen years. We’ve learnt a lot about the subject over that time. The course that you’re about to experience is the sum of research, study and a lot of feedback from people who have been through our program before.

It’s also built on my own experience of arriving in Australia for the first time over twenty years ago. English is my mother tongue. However, my northwestern English accent was a lot stronger than it is now. I didn’t know a lot of local vocabulary either. I had a small hill to climb to make myself understood. This despite the fact that I have Australian heritage on my mother’s side. My Granny and Pop pop married here in Melbourne in the 1920s. 

Move on another eighty years, when we arrived, I often got grumbled at for being a “Pommy”. These days I get complimented on my accent. People can still tell where I come from by my accent, but now it’s my biggest asset and not a liability.

We believe that your accent is something to cherish not eliminate, that’s why we talk about accent reduction and not accent elimination or modification. It’s about toning it down a bit so people can understand you without losing your personality and most importantly your identity. 

Employers have often talked to me about talented, well qualified staff who they’ve had to hide in back room roles because no one can understand them. How many other brilliant people are locked out of satisfying careers because their accents? This is a tragedy for everyone. It’s frustrating for you and a waste for your employers and the whole country. 

This program teaches you strategies as well as techniques and pronunciation skills. Good communication is 

The Seven Secrets Program

Seven Secrets is Clearly Talking’s introductory program for personal expression. This accent program is aimed at professionals and business owners who need to make a good impression. 

Titles in the Seven Secrets series:

  • Successful Public Speaking
  • Good Breath Control
  • Successful Practice
  • Improving Posture
  • Overcoming Nerves
  • Reducing Strong Accents
  • Superb Sleep
  • Excellent Self-Esteem

Coming soon Seven Secrets for Good Vocal Hygiene 

All of these are available as free downloads from the Clearly Talking website. We can also run these as workshops on site, please contact us for more details.

Our Vision

Our vision is to free thousands of voices to be expressively unique.


We’ve built an article resource for you and your family to support you through your journey. Check it out here Articles Page

Download a free copy of the Seven Secrets for Reducing Strong Accents outline here.

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